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X-Rays, also known as radiographs, allow veterinary professionals to see the inner workings of your pet’s musculoskeletal system, heart, lungs, and other internal organs. One of the amazing benefits of x-ray technology is that the process is completely safe and noninvasive. We simply project x-ray waves towards the body of your pet, and capture an image of the waves’ distribution through the body. Trained radiographers can then interpret the resulting photograph. This tool can help your veterinarian make informed decisions about diagnosis and treatment.

AM/PM Animal Hospital goes a step beyond typical x-ray technology to service our clients with digital x-ray technology.

  • Digital X-rays are more convenient because they can be taken faster. Your pet will be exposed to less radiation, and we don’t have to worry about keeping them still for as long!
  • Digital x-rays can also be stored easily to a computer, and electronically mailed in seconds to specialists if necessary.
  • The resulting image quality of digital x-ray compared to film is also superior. This allows our team to receive higher quality information about your pet’s bodily systems.