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Ultrasound is a diagnostic tool that assists veterinary professionals in seeing the inner workings of the body. This form of radiography can provide different information than x-rays, because ultrasounds utilize sounds waves instead of x-ray waves to create images. Ultrasounds are useful for gathering information about certain areas of the body, such as soft tissues and moving components of internal structures, because they can capture moving images.   

Ultrasounds are helpful for diagnosing or investigating conditions such as foreign body ingestion, abdominal masses, intestinal disorders, cancer, pregnancy, cardiovascular disease, and more.

The technique for gathering ultrasounds is non-invasive and pain-free. Your pet can be awake and alert the entire time. We simply lay them down so the area which we are analyzing is accessible, and talk quietly to them to help them keep still while taking the reading. For some complex conditions, it may be necessary for us to call in a trained veterinary (DVM) specialist who can expertly and confidently analyze the results.

Ultrasounds have revolutionized veterinary medicine because they are completely safe and highly informative. Decades ago, many diagnostic questions which an ultrasound can answer would have been discovered through surgery, and liquid filled cavities or soft tissue structural anomalies would have been impossible to analyze. We are grateful for the amazing capabilities of ultrasound technology!