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Pain Management

Your pet deserves to live a full, happy, and comfortable life. At AM/PM Animal Hospital, we want to ensure that our patients are free of both acute and chronic pain.

Acute pain is sharp and has a sudden onset. It is typically a temporary form of pain, and will be relieved when the cause of the pain is addressed and healed. Acute pain is caused by situations such as injury, surgery, or infections. In certain circumstances, for example before a surgery, acute pain can be anticipated and therefore mitigated preemptively.

Chronic pain is continuous and pervasive. Conditions which are long-lasting and progressive, such as diabetes or cancer, are often the culprits behind chronic pain. Senior pets are often most susceptible to chronic conditions. Some examples of ways which we can treat chronic pain include non-steroid medications, or oral and injectable analgesics.

If your pet is recovering from an injury, disease, or procedure, limiting their mobility and keeping them in a soft-padded environment can help to mitigate their pain. Avoid poking or prodding them to investigate where their pain is, as it might hurt them further, or they could even lash out and bite to protect themselves. Give us a call first.

Are you worried your pet is in pain?  Because pets cannot vocalize their feelings to us, it is helpful to be observant. Watch out for these signs:

  • Changes in eating or sleeping habits
  • Aggressive or antisocial behavior
  • Whining or crying
  • Shaking
  • Changes in behaviour
  • Licking a certain area of the body repeatedly
  • Crying or shrinking away when a certain area of the body is handled
  • Decreased mobility
  • Heavy breathing or wheezing

Even if your pet is on pain medication, it is important to monitor them for these signs of pain and keep us abreast of any developments. If signs of pain are noted, we may need to consider altering their dose or form of medication, or look at additional treatment options.