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Does your pet have an ID tag? Of course they probably do!  You know that if they ever become separated from you, they should have your contact information on them so they can get home. But, do you ever remove their collar to bathe or brush them?  Have you ever taken it off of them, or watched them pull it off?  If they were stolen, could the person responsible not remove their collar and proceed without a repercussion? Although some of these questions seem far-fetched, most veterinary clinics and animal shelters can attest that they happen far too often.

Don’t be caught off guard if your pet is separated from you.  Have him or her microchipped.

Microchips are so small, they can be inserted into the skin painlessly during a routine office visit. They are typically embedded between the shoulder blades, because this is a secure and relatively hardy area on your pet’s body. After the insertion, pets will have this form of identification with them for the rest of their lives.

Once they have the microchip implanted, you can send your pet’s information to a database. If another veterinary clinic or an animal shelter comes across your pet, they will scan the chip and contact you so you and your pet can hopefully have a sweet reunion in no time!

Remember to update your contact information if it ever changes, for example, during a move. And even if your pet does have a microchip, they should also have tags to keep them doubly protected in case of an emergency.