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General & Advanced Surgery

Our veterinary staff has extensive experience in both general and advanced surgical procedures. Our combined knowledge and years of experience allows us to perform the most effective and safe surgeries possible.

Before surgery, we will have a pre-operative appointment to determine if your pet is healthy enough to undergo the procedure, and to discuss details of the surgery with you. We understand that when your dear pet is about to have a surgical procedure, emotions can run high. Before, during, and after the operation, we will make sure to listen to your concerns, offer advice, and provide materials and information so you can feel prepared and knowledgeable.

Here are a few common surgical procedures which we are equipped to perform in our surgical suite:

Spay/Neuter Procedure: Spaying and neutering refers to the surgical removal of the sex organs. These are routine and safe surgeries, which we perform on a regular basis. We recommend spaying female puppies and kittens before their first heat cycle, and male puppies and kittens as soon as they are healthy and large enough for the procedure.  But, of course, if you have an adult intact pet, we still recommend these surgeries at any phase of life! An unplanned litter typically racks up more expensive veterinary care and general stress than this routine procedure, so consider inquiring about spaying or neutering today.

Surgical Oncology: Oncology refers to the study and prevention of cancer. Surgical oncology is typically the removal of a cancerous mass, and sometimes the surrounding area. The goal of these surgeries is usually to remove and prevent the spread of cancerous cells. In addition to surgery, other elements of a treatment plan such as chemotherapy or pain management may be recommended.

Gastrointestinal Surgeries: These procedures treat conditions related to the stomach and digestive tract such as acid reflux, esophageal cancer, gallstones, and hernias.

C-sections: These procedures aid in delivering litters of pregnant pets. Some pregnant mothers may need to have a C-section scheduled because of their overall size, shape, health, and pelvic size.